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RBN Consulting

"Alexandra has been a true asset in helping me expand and manage my consulting practice. She helped me focus on my margins and what I needed operationally and it allowed me to streamline my process and go and get new business."  ---   QSeeker

helping businesses identify their unique selling propositions

  • evaluating and researching competition

  • brainstorming of expanded marketing options

  • putting together a business plan

  • identifying short-term and long-term achivable goals

  • analyzing currect product or service offering to get better margins

  • optimizing existing operations

  • establishing knowledge transfer protocols.

"Alexandra really understands Literary Traveler and the dynamic brand we are trying to build. She always has great instincts about what projects we invest our time into. She most recently helped me evaluate a business opportunity that I was excited to get involved in. She helped me see the truth in the numbers and that the opportunity was not the right fit. Which ended saving me significant time and money."  --- Literary Traveler


Our Clients

Medford Adult Day Health Center

Literary Traveler


Danique Jewelry

Luxury Wedding Films

Fine Arts Vision


​Easy Knowledge

​The Traditional Song Project


Nina Petaeva Photography


RBN Consulting's mission is simple -- to be the guide on your journey to success. We love taking businesses to the next level and genuinely enjoy seeing the positive changes that take place. RBN Consulting provides a well-balanced outlook which considers multiple perspectives and offers a structured, pragmatic approach while never losing sight of the end goal. We are great in establishing a clear practical step by step plan of getting to your business goals while monitoring performance along the way. 


To help your business succeed RBN Consulting focuses on strategies and techniques that your business could use to gain advantage

-- establishing clear and focused communication with prospective clients using unique selling propositions: analyzing current product or service offerings to get better margin; optimizing existing operations; and establishing knowledge transfer protocols.


Give us a chance to see what RBN Consulting could do for you!

My sales skyrocketed! All in a few months after Alexandra took charge updating products and discount, and improving my site.

---Danique Jewelry