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RBN Consulting

"Success is doing a thousand little things the right way … over and over again."

- Charles R. Walgreen 


"Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat."

- Sun Tzu

RBN Consulting was founded by Alexandra Ruban who has more than 17 years experience working in small companies (Vedas, Solartec), medium size non-profit organizations (Harvard Business School, American Student Assistance) and large corporations (New York Life, Sallie Mae, Lycos). She specializes in sales and marketing, business planning and support, including building succesful teams.


The priority for RBN Consulting and Alexandra is always getting you the highest impact for your bottom line through solid entrepreneurial focus and hands on practical understanding of strategic issues. Alexandra applies everything she learned from Babson College entrepreneurial MBA and from her work experience to her client cases to deliver the maximum value and to help clients meet the challenges of business expansion, day-to-day management and profitability.